7 June 2010

Hartfield Book

A small selection of images from my Hartfield Book

A 24 page conceptual book based on an abandoned building called ‘Hartfield’. The aim of the book is to encapture the personality of the house and document it’s current state of destruction and disrepair, focusing on the stigma of abandoned buildings, aiming to change the way they are viewed, encouraging people to see them differently and appreciate their true value rather than ignoring these buildings. Challenging peoples perceptions, seeing the beauty in the destruction and decay and taking a moment to consider the important role these buildings have played in our lives and recognising the fact that we generally disregard them when they fall in to disrepair and are no longer seen to serve a purpose, when we should not be so quick to do so, we should pay testament to their demise.

Houses and human beings have many similarities in the way that we both hold memories of times gone by, age and change and develop until we begin to fall apart and eventually exist no more. Houses are also like us in the way that they have character, carry a mood or tone and have a history.

These houses should be remembered for the purpose they have served rather than forgotten. They live with us in the way we do and should die like us in the way we do. To be seen as having served their purpose in being a hub for human life rather than a complete eyesore when their function becomes obsolete. Although in their final days, there is still much beauty to be seen and recognized. They should be respected and their value aknowledged and appreciated rather than ignored. The book aims to make people realise this and think differently before disregarding abandoned homes.