23 March 2010

YES instructions - Conceptual Idea

Instructions for making her say YES

Step One:

Locate some alphabetti spaghetti, two slices of bread and a rather nice plate. oh, and a candle to set the scene.

Step Two:

Give the misses a ring and see if she would like to come round for an unsuspicious meal, make sure she’s completely unaware of what you have planned.

Step Three:

Just before her arrival, put the bread in the toaster and the alphabetti spaghetti in the microwave.

Step Four:

Sift through the letters until you can find ‘will you marry me’ within the contents of the tin and place them on the toast one by one, use a fork for hygenic
reasons and throw a bit of sauce on it for added realism.

Step Five:

With the knowledge that your ready to roll, crack a few good jokes on the love of your life’s arrival and introduce her to a seat at the candle lit table, she’ll be overwhelmed because you’re unromantic and you’ve lit a candle.

Step Six:

Carry on as normal up until this point and then drop the bomb, the big proposal. place the plate in front of her and watch her fall even more in love with you before your very eyes. She’ll be shocked at first but it’s guaranteed success for her to say YES!